average utilization

average utilization
average utilization IND durchschnittliche Auslastung f

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  • utilization rate — i. As it pertains to combat aircraft, it means the average number of sorties, hours flown, or hours to be flown per aircraft per day or month. More commonly, it is the average number of hours per aircraft per month. Also known as a flying hour… …   Aviation dictionary

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  • aircraft utilization rate — Normally for transport and commercial aircraft, it is the average number of hours that an aircraft is actually in flight during each 24 h period or per month. For combat aircraft, the reckoning period is a month instead of 24 h (i.e., hours flown …   Aviation dictionary

  • Burstable billing — is a method of measuring bandwidth based on peak utilization. It also allows usage to exceed a specified threshold for brief periods of time without the financial penalty of purchasing a higher Committed Information Rate (CIR, commitment ) from… …   Wikipedia

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